Our Shoes

Hillsboro began with a simple question: if classically handsome dudes like James Dean, Steve McQueen, and Sean Connery were still out in the streets kicking ass and taking names, what would they lace up on their feet? We think those guys would like Hillsboro's classy, modern edge.

Born on Manhattan's busy avenues and back alleys, Hillsboro Shoes are a changing of the guard. Like the city from whence it comes, these shoes are morning-to-night; they're right at home in the boardroom, but ready for the bar. They're for professionals and artful dodgers, rabble-rousers and rakes. They're for the dude with small-town sensibilities and big-city dreams.

Hillsboro is for you.


Hillsboro was started with the help of our family, and fueled by our love for high quality craftsmanship. A modern take on classic footwear, each pair is handmade in luxurious materials.


Sabrina grew up in the family shoe business stocking workshop inventory,
grading leather hides and figuring out how it all worked. She made her first pair of shoes at age 8. 


Chris has designed everything from clothes to logos to retail stores. His design work has been exhibited in contemporary art museums across the country.


While there is no strict industry standard for shoe sizing, our sizes are comparable to most popular dress shoe brands. Our shoes are in a US size run, D width.


We stand by every pair of shoes we make. If they fail you, we’ll take them back for a refund or send you a fresh pair. Just remember, our shoes should be treated well. As long as they haven’t been worn like work boots, we should be all good. Please note: If you purchased your Hillsboro shoes through a retailer or JackThreads, you will have to go through them for returns.


Questions? Comments? Send us a note at customercare@hillsboroshoe.com.